“I think your book would be an excellent book for first year teachers! There are so many practical tips for helping those first year people understand it is more than the content that matters.”

Dr. Anjanette Murry

Crandall Independent School District

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction



“Thank you for writing a common sense approach to many teacher issues.  We are using the book with our new teachers and those needing a push.  Thanks.”


Demetrius Cox

Grady County

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction



“I have read the book and feel it will be a great tool to use as a book study with our principals and to use with teachers who are struggling within their classrooms. The book has many insightful ideas and suggestions to help with different aspects of the class.”

Adrea DeLong

Academic Programs Coordinator

Kingman Unified School District



“I do believe that the book offers a number of very important lessons that a new teacher may need, and your perspective is very considerate of what teachers need to be successful.”

Will Pierce

Director of Student Achievement

Brighton 27 J



“I had the opportunity to read your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I do believe that it is perfect for first year teachers.”

Michelle Tucker

District Math Coach

Putnam County School District



” Your book is well prepared and presented.  It is an easy read for use with educators and specifically teacher leaders.  I shared your book with our Instructional Team and provided a summary of your presentation style in line with the sections.  They were complimentary of your work.  Thank you for the opportunity to preview your work – it was enjoyable.”

Dr. Rhonda Baldwin

Director: Professional Learning

Douglas County School District



“I just wanted to let you know that I did have a chance to read your book and enjoyed your practical approach to maximizing the potential of ALL children.  I am hoping to use this book as a conversation piece between our “New” Teachers and their assigned Mentors.”

Sandra Cavazos

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Hidalgo Independent School District